A Change of Heart心脏置换

出版社:Random House Inc
作者:Levy, Daniel/ Brink, Susan


  Daniel Levy, M.D., is the director of the Framingham Heart
  Susan Brink is a senior writers for U.S. News & World
  From the Hardcover edition.


A Change of Heart  is a detailed account of the revolutionary Framingham Heart study — which, over the years, has provided conclusive evidence that cardiovascular disease is largely the result of measurable and modifiable risk factors. First begun in 1948, not long after Franklin Delano Roosevelt succumbed to a massive stroke, the study of over 5,000 citizens of Framingham, Massachusetts, changed the course of medical history. The lessons learned in Framingham allow each of us to control our risk of heart disease and stroke, two of the leading causes of death in the United States. Here is a clear-eyed and intriguing assessment of the achievements of this study and of its continuing importance to our health today.


AcknowledgmentsIntroductionONE:A Killer of Paupers and PresidentsTWO:The Dawn of Peace and Prosperity--and a Deadlv LifestyleTHREE:Gathering Evidence,Building on CluesFOUR:A Struggle for IdentityFIVE:The People Who Changed America's Heart:VOices from FraminghamSIX:The Launch of a Gold StandardsEVEN:Wresting Control from Fate:Results ThatChanged a CultureEIGHT:A Near.Death ExperienceNINE:Coming of Age in a High—Technology WorldTEN:Blood Pressure:More Than Just a Numbers GameELEVEN:The Wages of SinTWELVE:Renegade on the Trail ofthe UnknownTHIRTEEN:The Lifestyle RevolutionFOURTEEN:Deadl.v AddictionFIFTEEN:Spreading the WordSIXTEEN:A Fifty.Year Promise Under AttackSEVENTEEN:The Genetic RevolutionEPilogueNotesIndex

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